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 T.A. Requirements

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PostSubject: T.A. Requirements   T.A. Requirements EmptyFri Oct 08, 2010 6:50 pm

--- Requirements ---

To join this clan you will have to have these requirements.

1. Must have a bank of atleast 5m.

2. You must have the following level requirements in order to join.
60+ Attack
30-50 Defence
80+ Strength
95+ Prayer
82+ Magic
80+ Hitpoints
70+ Range
100-115 combat

3. You must know the rules.
(The forum's rules, and also the clan's rules.)

4. Must know how to hybrid.
(Over time if we don't see you improving you will be kicked from the clan.)

5. You must go to atleast 2/3 of the clan battles.

6. Must have atleast 5 returning sets.

7. You must have the Zamorak Cape T.A. Requirements Zamorakcape.
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T.A. Requirements
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